notre dam oil painting

Artist Louise Borton left a padlock on a bridge in Paris with her lovers name inspiring her to paint Notre Dam.

Louise Borton

An Artist with an exploratory curiosity and passion for life

I am contradictory to the core.  Both rooted in the natural world and enthralled by man’s transformation of the earth’s elements into our modern world.


I have an insatiable curiosity for the diversities of life and this motivates  my creative process.   Scientifically educated, it is often the constantly evolving natural world that resonates a realist artistic response in me.  Immersing my senses into nature, travel, and landscapes -both contemporary and historical- fuels the transmutation of my experiences into a artistic visual phenonomen. 

Intense Art experience Guaranteed

I can guarentee that my paintings are infused with the energy and intensity of my encounters.  My fingers have ran through fur. Mountains have been peaked.  Wind heard in the leaves of ancient trees.  Spicy street aromas inhaled on worldly travels

Attracted by sharp contrasts ...

and rich colours I am guilty of exploring different styles and exploiting the versatility of  mediums.   So driven by challenge, I constantly seeks to expand my abilities.  I want  future artworks to surprise me.

Artistic exploits